Mumbai: High alert issued by Navy, ATS; suspicious men spotted with arms near Uran base

A high alert has been sounded after four men were spotted moving suspiciously near a Naval facility in Uran close to Mumbai.

The men were spotted by school children in Uran.

The students said they saw 4 men in Pathan suit type dresses at around 11 am talking to each other in a different language, news agency ANI has reported quoting Navy sources.

The students said they heard the men say ‘ONGC’ and ‘school’ repeatedly.

Navy has been put on high alert and search operations are underway.

Marine commandos MARCOS have been deployed at the Uran Navy base.

Mumbai police have put up nakabanbdis across the city and are reviewing the situation.
Plz do b careful if u see any suspicious person please inform the police as soon as possible.


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