I am an Employee, not your SERVANT

You will not leave office till you don’t give me final presentation or You have to come office and complete everything on this weekend, You are good for nothing …..

These are some of the dialogues which can be heard from the senior most people of the Organization.

Earlier supervisor used to get the work done by scolding and pressurising employees, previously this technique was effective, as there were not much opportunities and employees were not that aware of the world and information were never a click away. Employees’ ambition were not very high and mostly used to work only to earn their bread and butter.

Now scenario has changed completely, these days employee are more ambitious and want to achieve maximum out of their life. They want utmost utilization of their potential. Their dreams are not limited to family job and friends. They dream big, they want to visit all the possible places in the world, they want to have all the possible luxury available in the world. They want inner satisfaction. Nowadays they don’t work only to fulfill basic requirements of life. They don’t want to waste their time where they don’t see their future and growth.

Hence the job of a Manager has become very critical, they need to understand the techniques which may be useful to attract good resource for the Organization and above all the techniques to retain such resources.

But unfortunately, many supervisor don’t want to accept the changed scenario and don’t want to see the true picture. They are still following the same old techniques to manage resource. I have seen Managers, they feel good by unnecessary pressurizing their team members, or by making their life miserable. They criticise employees for official mistakes and never leave a chance to make personal attack also on employees. What are they are doing by this, they are simply triggering a wrong button.

They are aware that their team can only assist them to achieve their targets and help them to reach at the pinnacle in their career but still they don’t improve the way they handle their team members. 

I have two findings for this… One is, these Managers behave in such a way because they were also treated like this therefore they want their team members also go through by the same disappointment. 

Second, may be this look funny to many but this is the dark side of Management and Power. You all must have heard the stories of Kings and their empire in your childhood and the way those Kings used to administer their people. If you observe meticulously then you will find the similarities in between these two. As the influence of those stories are strong on all of us and we all wanted to live a life like King but that is not possible now hence when one become supervisor then he start feeling and behaving like a King and the team reporting into him is like captive. You must have seen at least one jolly, friendly and cheerful employee turning into highly woeful, serious and unsocial “Supervisor”.    

My simple submission to these Managers are, please behave like an employee and the team working under you are not your slave, they are working to support you and this is your prime responsibility to take care of your team and keep them happy.  If you were treated badly by your Manager then you should try that the staff under you should not go through by the same pain and sorrow which you have faced.  

Also understand that you are not the superhero and you don’t have supernatural powers, you have also made so many mistakes and blunders throughout your career and then you have reached here, where you are now.  One can’t win the battle without his team’s support and your team is meant to help you, not to tolerate all your loutish language and behavior. Always remember that employees are the “knowledge partner” and they are equally contributing in the success of the Organization.

Written by

Kumud VatsManager HR at Crystal Crop Protection Pvt. Ltd.

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