Apple leak reveals ‘twin curve screen’ new iphone

Given the iphone 7 is shaping up to be a (controversial) disappointment, many are wondering how apple will respond? Now the solution is turning into increasingly more clear: in fantastic fashion….


Following on from leaks that apple will pull out all the stops for its 2017 iphone with an ‘All glass’ Design (due to the fact showed by using a prime apple dealer), the wow thing has now been improved similarly through information it’s going to additionally include a ‘Dual curve show’.

This would look akin to Samsung’s stunning Galaxy Edge smartphone range and tie into earlier reports about how the new iPhone will have an ‘ Edgeless display’:


Interestingly the source for this announcement is a good one: IHS Technology’s director of market research Kevin Wang who only last week revealed Apple will double iPhone 7 storage capacities. Something since corroborated by multiple reports.

Throw in the fact supply chains have shown for months that Apple is
stockpiling OLED panels and it looks like the company will produce a ground-up redesign of the iPhone unlike anything users have seen before.

Which begs the obvious question: Why so much stagnation in 2016 and such overhaul in 2017?

The logical reason is timing: 2017 will be the 10th anniversary of the original iPhone and I suspect Apple didn’t fancy making that an ‘S year’. In fact Apple is even expected to skip conventional naming by jumping ahead and calling the 2017 device the ‘iPhone 8’.

Needless to say all of this will only compound disinterest in the iPhone 7 which, like the iPhone 6S, will look identical to the iPhone 6. Given iPhone 6S sales already significantly down year-on-year from the iPhone 6, it appears Apple is simply prepared to ride things out with the iPhone 7 in order to buy time for a big leap that (hopefully) blows everyone away in 2017.

It sounds good in theory, but it’s a gamble…

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