wrestlemenia tripal h vs roman reings

WWE WrestleMania 32 Result Match Point 03-04-2016 Complete Information

it’s WrestleMania time! join us stay for all of the match results as Shane McMahon battles The Undertaker, Roman Reigns faces Triple H, and extra.

what is up, every body? WrestleMania 32 is eventually right here and i will be with you all evening posting effects and response from the huge annual WWE mega-card. Dean Ambrose and Brock Lesnar will got nuts on every other with kendo sticks and chairs, Shane-O-Mac will try to defeat Undertaker internal Hell in a mobile, and Roman Reigns will go after Triple H’s WWE world Heavyweight Championship.
wrestlemenia tripal h vs roman reings

Plus, former NXT-ers Charlotte, Sasha Banks, and Becky Lynch will try to steal the show with a Triple danger fit for the Divas name and AJ styles will cross one-on-one with Chris Jericho. All this, plus The Rock will be available. DOING some thing!

So get equipped for 4 hours (5 if you consist of the pre-show which is turning into less and much less of a pre-display nowadays) of exciting WWE action, stay from AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.


United States Champion Kalisto vs. Ryback

United States Champion Kalisto vs. Rybackokkkk, so it’s taking a looooong time to fill up this stadium (there is a rumor about some electricity issues with the price tag scanners). Kalisto vs. Ryback become supposed to begin approximately 15 minutes in advance than it did, but it looks as if they wanted to attend until a few greater human beings to get into a few seats. It nonetheless regarded very empty throughout this fit, which saw Ryback and Kalisto put on a decent massive guy/Little man suit. With Ryback even military pressing Kalisto after which walking up the hoop steps with him, dumping him into the ring. after which a amazing-delay superplex (that nearly backfired on Ryback).

If WWE is pleasant with relegating the U.S. belt to a sort of “television name” status, this is fine. it’s just still a big drop from remaining yr’s Cena/Rusev in shape. after which all Cena tried to do to elevate that belt through open demanding situations.

Kalisto might stick and circulate all during this bout, however Ryback became usually there to shut him down with elbows and spinebusters. however, it became a Salida del Sol out of nowhere that caused Kalisto getting the disenchanted win here.

WINNER, and still usa Champion: Kalisto


Team Total Divas vs. Team B.A.D. and Blonde

Team Total Divas vs. Team B.A.D. and Blonde

some things right here. first of all, I listen human beings are still having large issues entering into the stadium. So sorry about that, people who have come from everywhere in the global.

Secondly, i really like that darkish Evil “No F***s” Emma was part of this fit. Thirdly, Eva Maria tagged in at one factor and were given SWALLOWED ALIVE via so much BOOING. An ocean of hate. however if you were looking the pre-show on u.s.a., it occurred at some stage in commercial smash.

This suit genuinely lasted longer than predicted. advantages (?) of a complete hour of preshow. And yes, Lana really did some actions. Savat kicks and the like. a few brief placing and then a tag out. Brie were given the final hot tag, everybody traded finishers, after which it got here right down to Brie and Naomi. And a sure Lock. And a win for crew general Divas. Farewell, Brie. We want yo the pleasant. go have many babies with Bryan.

Nikki Bella got here down after the bell, in neck brace, to celebrate with her truth tv buddies.

WINNERS: group general Divas

In between matches, Lita got here right down to ringside to make a prime assertion. The Divas Revolution has led to a re-branding of the entire division. The winner of this night’s triple hazard fit could be the primary ever WWE women’s Champion. NO greater DIVAS! NO extra BUTTERFLY BELT garbage! test OUT the new BELT! i like lifestyles!


The Usos vs. The Dudley Boyz

The Usos vs. The Dudley BoyzThe crowd, while larger now (as extra people locate their manner to ground seats, slowly) didn’t pop large for this fit till it become over (a brief superkick pin and win for the Usos) and the Dudleys determined to forgo their preceding desk ban and pull out  tables.

The Usos fought back although – turning the tables (har!) – and got booed big time. the gang surely wanted the Dudleys on the opposite facet of this equation. but – regrettably – the Usos, in a double leap, splashed down thru the Bubba and D-Von, setting them thru the wooden.

a few pleasant trash speaking by way of Bubba for the duration of this suit, by way of the way.


Intercontinental Champion Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Zack Ryder vs. Sin Cara vs. The Miz vs. Stardust

Intercontinental Champion Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Zack Ryder vs. Sin Cara vs. The Miz vs. StardustA excessive energy, absolutely exciting ladder in shape right here. From Owens and Zayn squaring off, to Ziggler meting out superkicks, to Stardust’s Dusty polkadot apparel and ladder – this one delivered the hole fit goods. Ryder gave Miz a massive Macho man flying elbow drop off a the tallest ladder, Sin Cara did an superb springboard plancha to the out of doors once you have knocked off a ladder, and Zayn leapt through an open ladder to the out of doors, crashing down on all people.

There were such a lot of fan-popping spots right here. large frog splashes down on ladders. From Owens squashing Zayn to Sin Cara DEMOLISHING Stardust with a touch off a ladder in the ring to at least one outside the ring. it all got here right down to Owens and Zayn in the long run. And just whilst it seemed like Zayn had all of it gained, Miz knocked him down and out.

however then – OF anyone – freakin’ Zack Ryder knocked Miz off the ladder and gained all of it. that is right. Zack Ryder. now not my first pick, but I type of appreciate the hell out of giving Ryder the massive win right here. A guy who simplest wound up in this in shape because Neville got hurt. I preferred this finishing plenty.

WINNER, and new Intercontinental Champion: Zack Ryder

AJ Styles vs. Chris Jericho

AJ Styles vs. Chris JerichoSo. This became effing superb! i have clearly cherished AJ and Jericho’s multi-month feud (then quick non-feud) and eventual WrestleMania feud. I watched patterns strolling out the ring tonight, just so damn glad for him. And this suit got time, which became exact as it without a doubt (and on the whole) picked up in the back half of. As most awesome matches must honestly. patterns kicking out of the Codebreaker. Jericho kicking out of the patterns conflict AND the Springboard 360 Splash. A ton of reversals and counters, much like you’ll anticipate from  high-quality veterans.

right near the cease, patterns went for a big Springboard exceptional Forearm and Jericho nailed a 2nd Codebreaker. Jericho got the pin! A massive surprise. the second Mania wonder in a row, in fact. and that i applaud the sample this night of surprising wins. I do not know what this means for Jericho or styles and i don’t *suppose* I care proper now. I do understand that I do not assume styles got “buried” here. I think WWE is aware of his significant cost and he will be round for a while.

WINNER: Chris Jericho


The New Day vs. The League of Nations

The New Day vs. The League of Nationssadly, the technological know-how of contrary/opposite Momentum prevailed here. as well as League of countries’ more guy advantage. due to the fact “the lads” took this one after Xavier suffered each a Bull Hammer and a Brogue Kick.

still, a totally amusing suit. ‘Mania’s been definitely exciting so far. And New Day is supremely over. They got here down the ramp after rising from a large box of Booty-Os, dressed like Vegeta’s team from DBZ, and have been treated like damn heroes.

the largest story right here even though got here after the match. even as the League have been bragging approximately their win.

HBK (in tights and not dressed like a psycho hobo), MICK FOLEY, AND STONE cold STEVE AUSTIN ALL came DOWN! it is proper, they got here out to fight! To clear the ring. sweet Chin Musics, Sockos, and Stunners for all! after which, after New Day tried to get the trio to dance with them, a Stunner to Xavier! incredible amusing!

WINNERS: The League of nations


Dean Ambrose vs. Brock Lesnar (No Holds Barred Street Fight)

Dean Ambrose vs. Brock Lesnar (No Holds Barred Street Fight)The beneath-tale to this in shape changed into “Will Brock use weapons, or is Brock’s Brockness sufficient?” So while Ambrose took 13 suplexes typical, Brock, once in a while might try to determine out if he had to resort to using an “item” from ringside. He failed to. Dean, but, used anything he could get his arms on. A nut shot. Kendo sticks. Chairs. A fire extinguisher. however it wasn’t sufficient to forestall Brock from beating him, ultimately, with an F-5 on pinnacle of a pile of chairs.

essentially, every time Dean could get the upper hand with his craziness, Brock might be there with a large suplex. And, as expected, the barbed cord bat and the chainsaw never got here into play. yes, Dean grabbed both at some point of separate elements of the healthy, however were given put down earlier than he ought to make use of them. A remarkable, tough-hitting bout. however now not pretty a crazy as expected, ordinary. I kind of expected a bit extra. For Dean. now not a win, however some better hero moments. it may be that they’re saving the largest spots for the two predominant occasions later.

WINNER: Brock Lesnar

Divas Champion Charlotte vs. Becky Lynch vs. Sasha Banks (Triple Threat Match)

Divas Champion Charlotte vs. Becky Lynch vs. Sasha Banks (Triple Threat Match)

So this was a hotly anticipated match back when it was only for the Diva’s title. And everyone was still on board with these three great women facing off for the belt. Now that it was for the WOMEN’S TITLE though? Investment seemed to be even higher. Everyone loved this. Best match on the card so far. Better than Dean/Brock even. And in a better place on the show too. This was peak crowd interest. And these women delivered an amazing match.

If you know me, then you know I love Sasha. A lot. But the momentum was not in her favor here. If anyone was due a win here it was Becky. Charlotte though, given her success as a top heel, was also likely to retain. Just so she could keep her heel run alive. And so she did here. Tapping out Becky to the Figure Eight while Flair held Sasha’s leg so she couldn’t break the hold.

Everything worked here. Charlotte’s robe, Sasha’s Eddie Guerrero tribute tights (and Frog Splash!). Many thought these three might steal the show and they have. So far.

WINNER, and new WWE Women’s Champion: Charlotte

Shane McMahon vs. The Undertaker (Hell in a Cell Match)

Shane McMahon vs. The Undertaker (Hell in a Cell Match)


Okay, so the match started off slowly. Which is fine, but some fans were still enjoying the high of the Sasha/Becky/Charlotte match. Making this match, strangely enough, a bit if a comedown match. After about 10 minuted though, things really picked up here. Big spots. Shane kicked out of a Last Ride and a Chokeslam onto the ringsteps. Then some submission holds followed. And a Coast to Coast from Shane! A big fall through the announce table.

And then…

…Shane climbed to the top of the damn cell to deliver a flying elbow to Undertaker who was on an announce desk. And he jumped…

…and he missed! Or, should I say, he hit. But Taker moved. And Shane drive himself through the table. And it was VERY CONCERNING. Good gracious. What a big move. After that, everyone collected themselves and the Tombstone pin and win was all but a formality. This was a big event. A crazy, violent, nail-biting affair.

WINNER: The Undertaker


WWE World Heavyweight Champion Triple H vs. Roman Reigns

wrestlemenia tripal h vs roman reingsso they let this fit simply kind of be what it changed into. Roman were given massively booed (human beings tweeted that mics were muted for community broadcast). by reputedly every person. From his humdrum entrance to each unmarried circulate he did. And Triple H got cheered. From his unique front to each single pass he did. some thing needed to supply proper? A run in? A Roman heel flip? anything. Steph even got cheered when she pulled the ref out of the hoop to prevent Hunter from being pinned after a Spear.

Then Roman speared Steph and Hunter used the distraction to nail a Pedigree. but Roman kicked out! A Superman Punch later and Roman seemed poised to win large. Triple H went for a Sledgehammer but Roman wound up nailing a Spear and getting the win.


each person booed. It become dumb. A robust card quite a good deal all the manner thru as much as the principle event. Which we wouldn’t let ourselves believe ahead could play out with Roman as the hated babyface. but it did.

WINNER, and new WWE international Heavyweight Champion: Roman Reigns


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