4 Types of Blog Posts That increase Your Blog Traffic and Make Money With Blog.

Whether you sell directly through your website or use it for promotional purposes, it should include a blog. Blogging is one of the most effective ways to get traffic. The more content you have, the more opportunities there are for people to visit your website. Social shares, organic search, and referrals from other websites can all drive traffic to your blog, and subsequently the rest of your website.

Blogging doesn’t just drive traffic. It also helps you build a relationship with visitor websites so you can improve your conversion rate and encourage brand loyalty. This works because great content establishes trust and expertise.

One of the common complaints with blogging is coming up with things to write about. Hitting publish consistently is important. If you’re worried about feeding the content machine, don’t. There are four types of blog posts that your audience will always love, each with a neverending list of topics. You just need to know what they are.


What’s  going on with you, your company, or your industry? Has anything interesting, new, or exciting happened recently? This type of new is great fodder for blog posts. Especially, if you already have a loyal customer base. People usually like to keep up with brands they love.

Use blog posts to update your customers on new products, awards you’ve won, industry changes that affect them, or interesting stories from your business journey. The great thing about this post type is new things are always happening so there’s always something to write about.


One of the best things you can do on your blog is answer questions. Anytime you get a question by email, by phone, or in person, make a note of it. Even if they came from your friends. They could be about your product or service specifically, but also broader questions about your industry. Each question can answered in a blog post.

You can also take a look at what people are asking about your niche on Quora for more ideas. Over time, Q & A posts will drive a lot of search traffic because you’re providing the exact answers people are looking for.

Tips and Tricks

Tips and tricks blog posts go beyond answering questions. With this type of content, you’re giving your audience advice they didn’t know they needed. They will gladly devour this type of post if it’s interesting or helpful, even if they didn’t ask the question.

Tips and tricks blog posts get shared a lot because they’re highly valuable. As a result, they can drive a lot of first-time visitors. Over time, as you publish more of these posts, you’ll establish yourself as an industry expert.

In-depth Guides

Finally, don’t just establish your own expertise. Include in-depth guides in your content calendar and and help your customers feel like experts, too. These posts will take more work to create, but readers love them.

Rather than sharing one simple tip or trick, a guide goes deeper and shares an entire system or process. Many businesses are afraid of giving away this kind of information for free, but it always pays off in the long run.

Since it’s more work to create, there are less in-depth guides around. A good one will drive a lot links and shares, leading to more search traffic and social traffic. In-depth guides will also help you become a recognized authority in your niche.

The next time you’re struggling to come up with a blog post idea, come back to this list. Chances are, you’re full of stories and knowledge that your audience would love to learn from.





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