How to find, hire & work with a film crew while on a budget

Amazing films are made from amazing collaborations. So it’s not just about finding folks who fit your budget, but also about building an enthusiastic team who is pumped to pitch in and create something special together. You’d be surprised how many talented people will hop aboard a passion project even if it doesn’t pay much (or anything at all).

Here are some tips for making it happen.

Spread the word

Share the news that your production is hiring, and touch base with fellow filmmakers to see if they can suggest crew members. It’s great to have a personal recommendation, so you know that the individual is vetted and vouched for. But what if your connections aren’t digging up any leads? Post on social media so word gets out in your network. Websites like , ,, , and are also useful in assembling a crew. And lastly, put a call in to the local film school to see if they’ve got a job board or an internship program. Students are generally keen to gain on-set experience and beef up their resumes.

Pitch your ideas
When you’re announcing your project and reaching out to potential collaborators, make the opportunity to work on the film as appealing as possible (because it is!) rather than begging people to help. Convey your enthusiasm for the project and why it’s so special, and others will be more likely to want to join the team.
How do you make it feel special? Talk about the project, what’s different about it, and what others can bring to it. Play up any fringe benefits (like travel to an exotic locale, for instance, or maybe just endless cups from a fancy espresso maker). You may even consider creating a short teaser (or at least showing them other work, like your killer reel) to get them excited.


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