Third Match: The New Day (c) vs. The Dudley Boyz for the WWE Tag Team Championship

D-Von and Kofi start the match. Kofi right hands to D-Von. D-Von with a spinning shoulder tackle. D-Von with a splash to Kofi for a two count. Bubba Ray is tagged in. Dudley’s knocks down Kofi. Bubba sends Kofi off the top rope. Kofi with a kick to D-Von chest. Big E is tagged in runs through D-Von. Big E with right hands to D-Von. New Day begin their double team stomps in the corner. Kofi with a running dropkick to D-Von. Big E is dancing on the ring apron. D-Von with right hands to Kofi. Kofi plants D-Von for a two count. Big E is tagged in and splashes D-Von.
New Day go for the What’s Up spot. D-Von sends Kofi in the corner. D-Von tags in Bubba. Bubba with a back bodydrop to Kofi. Bubba with a eblow to Big E. Bubba with the bodyslam to Big E. Dudley’s connect with the What’s Up. Kofi with a springboard dropkick to both the Dudley’s. Kofi brings the Trombone into the ring and tosses it to Bubba. Kofi tries to get Bubba disqualified, but the referee didn’t see Bubba hit Kofi with the trombone. Dudley’s with a double team neck breaker to Kofi. D-Von and Big E brawl on the outside. Kofi with the Trouble of Paradise to pickup the victory.

Winner: Still WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day


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