Hell in a Cell Match: The Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar

Undertaker with rights hand to Lesnar. Lesnar with a knee to Undertaker. Lesnar with shoulder’s to the midsection of Lesnar. Undertaker with a clothesline to Lesnar. Lesnar with a clubbing blow to Undertaker back.
Undertaker sends Lesnar to the outside. Lesnar goes for the F5 and Undertaker counters.

Undertaker sends Lesnar to the ringpost. Lesnar is bleeding.

Undertaker and Lesnar brawl on the outside. Undertaker brings a chair into the ring. Lesnar with a spinebuster to Undertaker. Lesnar stomps on Undertaker leg. Lesnar whacks Undertaker in a back with a chair. Lesnar hits Undertaker in the back with the chair. Lesnar shoves his boot down Taker’s throat with Taker’s back on the steel. Lesnar sends Undertaker to the steel. Undertaker with a back suplex to Lesnar. Undertaker plants Lesnar with the chair on Lesnar throat.

Lesnar with a german suplex to Undertaker. Lesnar with another suplex to Undertaker. Lesnar connects on his third straight german suplex. Lesnar with a F5 to Undertaker for a two count. Lesnar knocks down the doctor.

Lesnar with another F5 to Undertaker for a two count. Lesnar launces the steel ring steps into the ring. Lesnar whacks Undertaker with the ring step for a two count. Undertaker boots the steel ring steps away from Lesnar. Undertaker with the Hell’s Gate to Lesnar. Lesnar fights out with right hands to Undertaker. Lesnar rips the mat through the ring.

Undertaker with a chokeslam to Lesnar on the ply wood. Undertaker with a Tombstone to Lesnar on the ply wood for a two count. Lesnar with a low blow to Undertaker. Lesnar with the F5 to Undertaker to pickup the victory. After the match The Wyatt Family show up. The family surrounds the ring. Wyatt with right hands to Taker. Wyatt stomps on the Undertaker. Rowan, Harper and Strowman pick up the Undertaker and walk him up to the stage to close the show.

Winner: Brock Lesnar

Thank you guys so much for checking out our live coverage of Hell in a Cell. Did you enjoy the show? Continue the conversation in the Disqus Section comment below.


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