Apple iPhone 6s and 6s Plus review | Sunny Fly

This daily Apple iPhone 6s Plus review blog will chronicle our
experiences with the phone during the first week.

The Apple iPhone 6s Plus (128GB) is clearly the most expensive smartphone in the Indian market if you take Vertu and other such luxury brands out of the picture. You don’t really need to spend Rs 92,000 on a smartphone these days as even Rs 20,000 phones give good features and user experience. But that does not mean no one will buy an expensive phone these days. There is a reasonably large market for expensive phones, driven by people who want a top-end devices for its performance, dependability or just flaunt value.
This blog will chronicle my experiences with the Apple iPhone 6s Plus during the first week of review.

Performance has never been an issue with the iPhone. The software and hardware are synced perfectly, at least till the updates arrive, to offer a great experience for the user. The iPhone 6s Plus is no different. It is certainly among the fastest and smoothest phones I have used it an while. But more significantly is a dependable.

There hasn’t been a single OS freeze since I started using the device, no has there been a surge in the thermal footprint of the phone. Even the best Android phones struggle with these two aspects till now.

Multi-tasking has become easier and faster with iOS 9 as you now have the option of going back to the app that you opened and attachment from
And the perfect sync of hardware and software that I mentioned gives you dependable battery life. It is after ages that I am not carrying a charger in my bag or car. I know this phone will last without an issue. Yesterday, I pulled it our with 100 per cent charge at 8 am and went to sleep at 11 pm with 17 per cent charge left. That is all we smartphone users need, but we need that dependability.


I am moving to the iPhone after a series of Android phones that touted great cameras — the OnePlus 2, Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ and Samsung Galaxy Note 5. So my expectations are generally high. So much so that for my past few trips I have kept the DSLR safely in its bag.

The iPhone 6s and 6s Plus feature the cool new Live Photo option. It almost adds life to your still photos by sandwiching it with some seconds on video. The entire thing starts looking like a GIF and is brought to life with the 3D Touch. All photos are shot in live mode by default, but you can disable the same if you want to save space.

My four-year-old son loves being the model for my camera tests and it is while shooting a child that you realise the power of this feature. The still is just half the fun, the flood of expressions that come before and after that split second adds so much value to the memory. However, the catch is that for now you cannot view these photos outside the Apple ecosystem and we will need to wait for Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to come up with support for this new format.
Overall, the iPhone 6s Plus seems to be among the best smartphone cameras. What I like best is the fact that pictures look natural in the end and not over-saturated and over-processed as it ends up being on many Android phones. And the colour reproduction as well as eye for detail is second to none.


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