How long does it take for a lifelong Windows user to become comfortable using a MacBook Pro?

It took me about a week.

I had only used Macs when I had my original computer, which was one of those beige box all-in-one desktop macs with the built in 3.5″ drive (1980’s vintage?). I had stayed away because we used PC’s at work and I valued the “right click,” and hadn’t kept up with changes in Macs and OSX to realize that there is a “right click” even though it’s with one mouse button.

So I saw an article on Hackintosh-ing your PC, and as a tinkerer, decided to give it a try. I successfully hackintoshed my PC, and I said, “Wow, this is actually nice and easy to use!”
I bought a Macbook (aluminum one) a month later and never looked back (except at work, where we still need to use PCs).

BTW, one other reason I had resisted using Macbooks prior to actually using one was the ability to customize Windows and have control over all the programs and settings and whatnot. While it’s technically “valid” that there is more control over being able to customize and control a PC, it wasn’t something I actually cared about or needed…so it was akin to buying a car that’s limited to 140mph vs. one that’s limited to 126mph, it doesn’t really matter because you don’t drive over 90mph!

The one exception I will make on Windows vs. Mac is using Excel. I use Excel pretty intensely for work (on Windows), and only use it on my Mac for a few things (mostly used during grad school work), and by far prefer using the Windows version since I work with it so much more. But personally, it wouldn’t be enough to prevent me from switching to Macs.

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