Facebook updates profile pictures on mobile, let users add profile video’


Facebook users will soon be able to add a ‘profile video’ as well. Facebook is also changing the design layout of the mobile profile.

Facebook is rolling out updates to mobile profile pages to enable users to better personalise their profiles and more easily control their privacy settings.
Facebook has sought to improve and ease its mobile profile experience as it makes more of its $10 billion-plus in annual ad revenue off of phones. The updates also come during New York City’s 12th Advertising Week, where Facebook is courting the world’s largest advertisers and companies.
Among the new features are profile videos, or a short looping video clip that users can create in place of a static profile picture. The feature is similar to Vine, a video sharing app owned by Twitter.

Users can also set a temporary profile picture that reverts to their old picture at a specified time.
Those who want to support a sports team or charitable cause for a specific week, for example, can choose a picture to display for a short time period.
Facebook also introduced more ways to control privacy settings so that users can curate what pieces of information are public and which are only viewable to “friends,” or people that they have allowed to view profiles.
In it’s official press statement, Facebook said that they have also made design changes to mobile profile that improve the profile layout and better present information.
Facebook will be rolling out the feature to a small number of iPhone users in the UK first and then look at a complete roll-out.

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