W. Mich. assistant principal to stand trial on criminal sexual conduct charge


KALAMAZOO, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) – A former West Michigan assistant principal accused of sexually assaulting a middle school student is headed to trial.
That decision came after about two hours of testimony, as for the first time, we heard from the alleged victim, along with two other students who say they witnessed the inappropriate act.
“While we were taking the test someone was coming in the class so I looked over and it was Mr. Doerfler.” the victim testified Tuesday.
For more than an hour, the alleged victim testified about what happened on January 21, 2015.
It was first period, and she was in her math class.
The victim says Kevin Doerfler, the now-former Assistant Principal of Portage West Middle School was in her classroom. She said she thought he was checking attendance.
In the course of testimony, she alleged that Doerfler’s left hand was rubbing her back and with his right he cupped her breast.
Two boys in the same class also testified.
One says he could see Doerfler’s hand coming around the victim, saying it looked inappropriate where it was.
A second says he did see the assistant principal’s hand on her breast, and it didn’t look like an accident.
The alleged victim says the incident felt awkward, uncomfortable and inappropriate.
Doerfler–who is charged with second degree criminal sexual conduct–did not speak during the hearing. But according to police reports, he denies the allegations.
He told police he was checking on the student because she had been sick the day prior, and only placed a hand on her back.
Doerfler’s attorney, Randall Levine, says there are just too many inconsistencies in the case.
“Mr. Doerfler has been an advocate for children for 20 years and the last thing in the world he would ever do is hurt a child,” Levine said. “There’s been no accusation of this kind ever in Mr. Doerfler’s entire career.”
There is no word yet on when the trial is set to start.


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