How do I make $1000 in one day?

I’ve made more than 1000 in a day so I think I’m qualified to answer that.
I invested 15 bucks on Facebook ads, got my ad featuring 3 sandals for women shown to over 250,000 people and got thousands of visitors to my e-commerce, a simple website for which I paid 20 dollars a month to mantain.
Thing is: I didn’t have the sandals. I had a supplier who would send it for me (I live in Brazil and so does he). The 15 bucks on ads I paid by credit card so I just actually paid the next month. Oh, the credit card wasn’t mine, though, it was a close friend’s. 15 bucks? Really? Yea. I got over 10,000% ROI (return over investment).
So, what happened? Despite several basic mistakes that could have made me sell over 10,000 in a single day, I got dozens of orders, received the money via PayPal and deposit, paid my supplier, he sent the sandals, women got happy, I paid the 15 bucks I owed my friend and we were all happy 🙂
EDIT : for those skeptical about it here’s a printscreen of when the reach was about 200k. You can see the amount spent “R$21.00” which in U.S currency used to equal to 7 dollars in March/2015, but now as of September/2015 that’s 5 dollars. You can do the math yourself, or just ask google 🙂

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