Julia Roberts reveals story behind Taylor Swift’s tour appearance

Academy-award winning actress Julia Roberts says her stage appearance on pop star Taylor Swift’s 1989 tour was not planned. The 47-year-old “Pretty Woman” star surprised the singer’s fans when she danced around the stage with Joan Baez in Santa Clara, California, reported Entertainment Weekly. Also Read- Simon Kinberg: No Taylor Swift cameo in X-Men: Apocalypse .
When asked if it was planned, Roberts said, “No! Oh my God, I would have washed my hair if it had been planned. I was wearing a ponytail, leggings, and tennis shoes.”
The actress said she had taken her three children to see the show and met the “Wildest Dreams” hitmaker backstage, who invited Roberts to join her on stage. ”They (the kids) had never been to a concert before and they were big fans. She (Swift) said, ‘Would you mind coming on stage during the song and dancing?’

Roberts said she remembers asking her children what they thought of the proposition. ”‘Oh, Mom you have to do it! My youngest son said, ‘Only do it if you want to, Mommy.’ It was so sweet… ”It was one of those crazy, out-of-body moments. I can’t tell you anything that happened from the moment I came on stage. I was so nervous,” she said.


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