The New Google Logo: Does it Tell the Future?

Google has undergone some massive changes in the past month; much more than their typical search algorithm or new business venture. This time, the search giant shocked the tech community with their controversial news of a massive restructuring and rebranding project. In this restructuring, the Google brand is now only a small portion of a larger parent company named Alphabet .
The modifications do not end there, however, as the company is also making
updates to its mobile search appearance and “Now Cards” to be more intuitive and mobile friendly. But the most noticeable transformation Google has cast upon users in recent weeks isn’t the appearance of search functions, but the appearance of the Google logo itself.

Google Gets a Facelift
For the first time in years, Google has renovated its trademark emblem for a more sleek and modern design. The font itself is Google’s own creation which is being called “Product Sans” and is quite reminiscent of the sans-serif typeface. This font allows their contemporary logo to resize and fit any device with increased legibility, more so than the previous lettering structure.
The new design allows for Google’s logo to look nothing short of pristine on anything from a 2.5-inch Android Wear screen to a 50-inch TV playing Chromecast. And in the event that a screen is just too compact to accommodate all six letters of Google’s name, an even more concentrated “G” logo has been devised. The “G” symbol retains the feeling behind the Google brand by condensing the four colors of the larger logo into the single letter design.
But this is not the most eye-catching part of Google’s new look. The most noticeable part of this new design is that it is no longer static, but now dynamic, animated, and fluid. When using the voice feature of the search engine, the Google letters transform to four aligned dots that subsequently morph and orbit with the sound of the user’s voice.
In Google’s blog post about the new logo, they stated that this interactive feature, “doesn’t simply tell you that you’re using Google, but also shows you how Google is working for you.”
With all of these changes underway in the Google universe, what does the future of this iconic company look like and what clues of its life to come can be derived from the new and (arguably) improved hallmark?
How the Logo Speaks to the Future
With just one look, it feels as though Google’s new insignia symbolizes a fresh start for the nearly two decades-old company. On the day the logo was unveiled, Google shared words that echoed this sentiment by stating, “We think we’ve taken the best of Google (simple, uncluttered, colorful, friendly), and recast it not just for the Google of today, but for the Google of the future.”
Furthermore, the company stated that the reason these changes are occurring is because the way individuals interact with their products has changed as well.
What we are currently witnessing is the evolution of Google. The more playful, simplified, and interactive pattern is not merely a design; it is a statement about the company itself, as branding always is when meticulously considered.
Since Google’s various projects are separated and expanded into individual companies under the Alphabet umbrella, the company’s load has been significantly lightened allowing for a more agile and dynamic team to emerge.
The modernized appearance of the logo implies that, as a company, Google is poised to become more innovative and develop increasingly groundbreaking modalities of search functionality and company operations. The softer feel to the logo and tones of color branding signify that the company is ready to become more playful with its user base too. The way the new logo flows and finds a point of balance alludes to the fact that without various other projects bogging the company down that it is capable of being more fluid in activity and movements.
In short, the appearance of the logo is simpler; and so is Google. Expect more superhero powers to emerge in the coming months.
With all that has transpired with Google recently, it should come as no surprise that their logo has been altered as well. In many ways, this is a new beginning for their brand. This is history in the making for Google, but only the tip of the digital iceberg, for there are surely many more changes to the company’s features and functionality to come in the near and long term.
As the new Google and Alphabet brands continue to take shape, and as more surprises come down the pipeline, we will all get to bear witness and determine whether or not all this change equals continued success and dominance, or whether the next new kid on the block will overtake them. For now, though, both the logo and the company are sitting pretty.
What are your thoughts on Google’s new logo? Do you think that this signifies a major transition for the brand?


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