LG G4 Battery Charging Kit Unboxing


LG launched its flagship G4 smartphone in India back in June. It offered a free battery charging kit (BCK-4800) worth Rs. 3,000 for the LG G4 users as a part of their promotional offer. Since the LG G4 has a removable battery you can swap it easily if it runs out. The charging kit allows you to charge the additional battery easily. Check out the unboxing.fonearena

The charging kit doesn’t include a USB cable or a charger, but it comes with a transparent plastic case to keep the 3000mAh battery safe. The charging kit has 5V-1.8A input and 4.4V-1.5A output.fonearena

The micro USB slot is present on the bottom. To remind you, the LG G4 doesn’t support wireless charging out of the box. You need a separate Quick Circle cover to enable wireless charging. The LG G4 battery charging kit is not available for purchase separately currently.


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