iPhone 6S release date, price & new features UK , US & INDIA: Apple unveils iPhone 6S & 6S Plus with new Rose Gold colour and 3D Touch

Apple has used a busy, action-packed event in San Francisco to show off its new iPhone 6S with 3D Touch display and new Rose Gold model.

After a year of rumours, speculation and ever-mounting evidence, Apple has finally unveiled the iPhone 6S, alongside its bigger sibling, the iPhone 6S Plus. As expected, the new iPhone comes in a new Rose Gold colour and also offers 3D Touch, but there are lots of other new features, too. Read on to find out more about the iPhone 6S, including the iPhone 6S release date, pre-order date, UK price and all of its new features.

iPhone 6S release date UK US and INDIA: When is the new iPhone coming out?

Following its 9 September launch, you’ll be able to pre-order the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S on Saturday 12 September (that’s this Saturday!) from 8:01am, and it’ll be in stores from 25 September in 12 countries including the UK. It’ll be in 130 countries by the end of the year.

iPhone 6S price UK: How much will the new iPhone cost?
The iPhone 6S will start at £539, while the iPhone 6S Plus starts at £619. Breaking that down further:

iPhone 6S 16GB: £539
iPhone 6S 64GB: £619
iPhone 6S 128GB: £699
iPhone 6S Plus 16GB: £619
iPhone 6S Plus 64GB: £699
iPhone 6S Plus 128GB: £789

iPhone 6S price US: How much will the new iPhone cost?
The iPhone 6S will start at $643, while the iPhone 6S Plus starts at $761. Breaking that down further:

iPhone 6S 16GB: $643
iPhone 6S 64GB: $761
iPhone 6S 128GB: $860
iPhone 6S Plus 16GB: $761
iPhone 6S Plus 64GB: $860
iPhone 6S Plus 128GB: $971

iPhone 6S price INDIA: How much will the new iPhone cost?
The iPhone 6S will start at Rs.43120/-, while the iPhone 6S Plus starts at Rs. 49500/-. Breaking that down further:

iPhone 6S 16GB: Rs.43120/-
iPhone 6S 64GB: Rs.49520/-
iPhone 6S 128GB: Rs.55920/-
iPhone 6S Plus 16GB:Rs.49500/-
iPhone 6S Plus 64GB:Rs.56000/-
iPhone 6S Plus 128GB: Rs.63115/-

iPhone 6S: Design and build

Getty Image

As suspected, the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus have the same screen sizes as their predecessors, with the 6S offering a 4.7in Retina display and the iPhone 6S Plus offering 5.5in.

New to this new generation of iPhone, though, is the Rose Gold model, which adds to the Gold, Silver and Space Grey already available. The new Rose Gold matches the new aluminium Rose Gold Apple Watch, too.

Each model is made with the same aluminium as the Apple Watch, called Series 7000 Aluminium, which is designed to be more durable (and hopefully prevent a repeat of Bendgate!)

iPhone 6S new features: 3D Touch

Apple has introduced a brand-new screen technology called 3D Touch, which lets you ‘Peek’ by pressing lightly, or ‘Pop’ by pressing harder.

Another example given by Apple is links. If someone sends you a link via iMessage or any other application, you can Peek at it by pressing lightly to see what’s on that web page.

Let go and you’ll be right back in the app the link was sent to you in. And if you want to fully open the page in Safari, you can press harder to Pop into it.

Other uses include viewing photos you’ve just taken within the Camera app, taking a Peek at locations within the Maps app by lightly pressing on an address and more.

App icons now become shortcuts that let you choose exactly where in that app you want to go, a new feature tha Apple calls Quick Actions. You can press on the Camera icon to take a selfie. And you can press on the Facebook icon to quickly update your status or check-in without opening the app.


If you want to call one of your favourite contacts you can press the Phone button (rather than tap it), or press the Maps button to get directions home, mark your location, send your location or search nearby.

Multitasking is easier than ever with 3D Touch, too. You can press on the screen and swipe to scroll through the apps you’ve got open, rather than double clicking the Home button.

3D Touch works with a taptic engine for haptic feedback you can feel, just like the Apple Watch and the trackpad on the new MacBooks.

That’s only the tip of the 3D Touch iceberg, particularly as third-party developers begin introducing the technology into their apps, too.

iPhone 6S specs and hardware

Inside the new iPhone 6S is the new 64-bit A9 chip, as predicted. That chip is 70% faster than the A8, and 90% faster when it comes to graphics performance. We’re looking forward to running our benchmark tests on the new iPhone to find out how it compares with rivals.

That A9 chip is paired with an M9 motion co-processor that collects health and fitness data to help the A9 run more efficiently and concentrate on other tasks.

There’s also a second-generation Touch ID fingerprint sensor that’s up to two times faster.
Just like the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, the new models are available in 16GB, 64GB and 128GB configurations.

Connectivity has been improved too. There’s now LTE Advanced and faster WiFi.

iPhone 6S camera

The iPhone 6S has a 12Mp iSight camera, which is lower than many of the rumours, but it has more focus pixels for more better auto focus and it has new tech called deep trench isolation for accurate colour. As always with iPhones, we expect it’ll be amazing.

Plus, the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus’s camera is capable of capturing 4K video.

There’s a 5Mp front-facing camera, too, and the entire display can be used as a front-facing flash.

iPhone 6S software

The iPhone 6S will run iOS 9, which we’ve already spent lots of time with after it was unveiled at WWDC 2015 earlier this year.

Additionally, a new software feature is the ability to activate Siri by saying “Hey Siri” at any time, not just when the device is plugged in.

Live Photos are another new software addition, this time found in the Camera app. You can capture a photo that has an extended moment before and after you pressed the shutter button, capturing a few seconds of motion and audio for a photo that can come to life when you press it using the 3D Touch display. It’s like something out of Harry Potter! We’re slightly concerned about how much space that’ll take up, though.

More to follow.

On page two is all of the speculation from before Apple’s special event today.

Find out how many of the rumours were true.

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