Watch How Delhi Reacts to Sunny Leone Being Blamed for Rapes in India

Sunny leony case reaction

Indian politicians never cease to humour us. We’re already accustomed to their classic excuses. When they have no real solution to a problem they go around blaming the most absurd things. For instance, remember when they blamed ‘chowmein’ and ‘miniskirts’ for rapes in India? As hilarious as those reasons were, another one of these stand-up-politicians Atal Kumar Anjan came up with the most obnoxious and stupid theory when he blamed Sunny Leone and her condom ad for our countries ‘rape situation’.
When we first heard this, we just wanted to give him a good nudge and remind him, how can a condom ad, which is directed towards sexual safety be blamed for something that’s all about sexual violation? Well, we did give him our two cents in our article about it, but just to make sure he and everyone who shares his belief gets the point, here’s a video about what people in Delhi think about his ridiculous theory.

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