Usain Bolt got taken out by a Segway after his victory

Source Usatftw

Usain Bolt was in the midst of his 20-minute long victory lap in Beijing, reveling in his
historic fourth 200-meter victory in a row . As he jogged near the raised camera track, a photographer, who didn’t see Bolt, ran into that track, careening into the world’s greatest sprinter and tumbling both to the ground.
Though Bolt got up holding his leg around his Achilles, causing Jamaica to hold its collective breath, he seemed fine and continued jogging around the track and taking pictures with the crowd. That’s good, because as long as no one got injured, the whole thing was hilarious because that photographer — he was on a Segway, which makes it at least 75% funnier.
Bolt showed Universal Sports that he had a cut on his leg afterward but had no worries that he’d be affected by the injury. “Oh, took me out like! Bro!” Bolt said when he saw the video for the first time.
All things considered, Bolt is tremendously lucky a cut leg is all he received in the encounter. That was a few inches from an injury that might have kept him out until he tries to make history next summer in Rio.

For watch full video of this incident followed The link below provided by a YouTube channel TheViralBoss


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